Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Tap Into the High Net Worth Mindset

It is important for luxury real estate marketing professionals to follow the luxury trends outside of real estate. The more you tap into the mindset of potential high net worth clients the greater your chances are to gain their trust and their business.

For example, researchers specializing in the world of cosmetics are finding that the luxury beauty product industry has grown at an annual rate of 6% since 2004. Trade publication, Global Cosmetics Industry, states that beauty products generate approximately $230 billion in global sales. An emerging trend among consumers is that they are growing more knowledgeable about ingredients and are favoring natural-based products. The women in emerging luxury markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Russia are now sold on skin care and makeup, and have become savvy, eager consumers.

The house of Guerlain, a premium perfume and beauty brand had embarked on developing a new brand of skin care to meet the needs of an aging population. By researching orchid plants, that take an inordinately long time to fade after they bloom, they came up with a proven anti-aging formula. To facilitate their research they built an “orchidarium” (a French term) to study 30,000 species of orchids.

Guerlain’s marketing message is targeted specifically to highly informed consumers:

“After ten years of research within the Guerlain orchidarium, three new orchids selected among 30,000, revealed the secret of extraordinary longevity”.

According to their research, Guerlain’s new orchid extract has the power to turn back “cellular” time. The initial tests by a reputed dermatologist, showed a 54+% in skin improvement in two months based on rigorous standards, and the research continues.

Following trends in other luxury industries, such as the luxury cosmetic industry, can not only yield insights into the mindset of high net worth consumers, but also offer you social currency to engage in meaningful conversation. Holding your own in social situations in this way builds trust and your bottom line.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: The Luxury of Pursuing Your Passion

Luxury is pursuing your passion. If you are truly passionate about luxury real estate marketing it is likely that you will enjoy a tremendous advantage over your competitors. And, great things must unfold in your practice.

For inspiration, just look to others outside of the realm of real estate, those who are passionate about their careers. Some people are passionate about collecting art; others collect vintage cars.

Enzo Enea, a Swiss landscape architect, is also one of the world’s most famous tree collectors. His tree collection will be on display at the Tree Museum that he developed. It opened in June, 2010 near Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

What is extraordinary about this open-air museum is the series of open spaces delineated by stone walls that create outdoor “rooms”. About 120 trees will be on view at a given time, in this 75,000 square meter environment, there will be exhibit themes such as different types of trees and various ways of shaping trees.

The techniques of transporting mature trees is Mr. Enea’s particular claim to fame, techniques that were inspired by his study of bonsai. He is most passionate about weeping willows and Japanese maples in particular.

Most of the trees in Mr. Enea’s collection were given to him. For example, a tree was about to be cut down in a property renovation and Enzo asked if he could remove the tree for his collection instead.

Discovering these kinds of opportunities that others overlook is the sign of a passionate person. It is the same in marketing luxury real estate. When you are passionate about your work not only is it a luxury, because it makes you feel alive, but it is also gives you the competitive edge.

Miami Luxury Real Estate Options – Superb Home Properties Within A World-Class Beach Destination

Miami luxury real estate options are comprised of home properties located within the beautiful region of Miami which are valued at $1 million and above. Home properties within the region that fall under the luxury category easily become a first pick among the many wealthy individuals from all around the world who choose to live within one of the most captivating beach destinations in the country today.

The fact that Miami offers people with an amazing opportunity to experience life at its best is definitely something that has been made apparent as the region has such strong tourism activity. In fact, there have been as many as 13.4 million visitors who came to visit Miami in 2011 alone and that sets a brand new record for the region that always has been considered to be one of the best places in the world.

Of course, the vast majority of people who do have the chance to visit Miami tend to wish for the opportunity to stay and many of them do, especially those who actually have the financial capabilities to make such dreams happen. And what better option for anyone to consider than the amazing selection of Miami luxury real estate options which are available on the property market?

Aside from the fact that many of today’s Miami luxury real estate options have been known to go down in price due to the fact that all real estate properties tend to adapt and adjust to market conditions, it has been proven time and time that Miami luxury real estate options are definitely among the most outstanding home properties found within the region which means that every penny spent on the purchase will prove to have been well-spent.

Miami luxury real estate options are usually found within exclusive communities that offer direct access to the many excellent qualities that have made the region a world-class destination. From the region’s fabulous tropical climate to its truly divine natural beauty, people will be delighted to have the luxury of being able to view the brilliance of the South Florida horizon right from the comfort of home.

If you happen to be one of the millions who understands the immense value of being able to live within a location that offers the opportunity to indulge in the absolute luxury that comes with living in a world-class beach destination such as Miami then you should definitely consider your Miami luxury real estate options today.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Is Customer Service a Luxury?

“The greatest danger for a luxury firm is to lose its status as a differentiated, premium brand, but wealthy consumer perceptions suggest that luxury overall may be in danger of losing its cachet,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. “This calls for a renewal of efforts to be unique and exclusive and to execute well on customer service.

The most frequently cited qualities that define luxury-superior quality (76%), craftsmanship (65%), and customer service (57%) – are the areas where wealthy consumers are finding the greatest dissatisfaction. More than half (56%) say that craftsmanship of luxury products is on the wane; 51% say that quality is decreasing; 50% notice a slippage in customer service quality and 48% say that luxury products are losing their design value.”

How does this apply to luxury real estate marketing? Real estate as a profession is a service business, real estate agents and brokers are service professionals. As we interview agents across the country for our series 50 Top Luxury Markets in the USA, we find that those who respond immediately to our queries are thriving in their marketplaces and those who want to eclipse the market leaders. They are easy to access, willing to share their insights, passionate about their marketplace, return calls and emails promptly and are a delight to talk to. One of the top market leaders recently interviewed said that you have to be nice to everybody regardless who they are or what their status in life. He returns everyone’s calls personally. As a result his client lists grows and referrals are plentiful.

Many of the agents we interviewed who are market leaders did not have websites, do not engage in social media, and do not know or care what SEO means or being #1 on Google. They are differentiating themselves on service, manners and excellent communication skills. They knock on doors; they meet people day in and day out. They are relationship oriented. They network face to face. They practice the fundamentals of business. They water plants for their sellers when they are out town. They send handwritten notes, birthday cards, and take their clients out to lunch. Tech is not the priority focus in their success equation and in many cases has been relegated to the back burner.

Luxury by definition implies rarity and exclusivity. Given the results from the Luxury Institute, it is evident that customer service is a key indicator in choosing a brand/service professional. People will remember you for your luxurious service. In our practice as branding and marketing strategists, we feel that customer service should take priority, and technology should facilitate customer service.

Tips In Making Building Creative Concepts

A lot of business owners wish to have a wonderful office. Of course, having such office can help them experience a better and comfortable work area. Not to mention, good offices can attract potential clients. However, in order to attain this, it is important for business owners to have good building creative concepts. But, there are numerous factors you need to consider to get the best results. Below are some of the things you need to consider.

Identify potential needs and problems

First and foremost, when making building creative concepts, it is imperative for individuals to identify potential need and problems. Knowing needs allow individuals to determine what things must be included in the designs. Not to mention, individuals can also create a better perspective on how buildings must be constructed. Apart from that, identifying problems before starting the project can help you reduce your expenses. Plus, reducing problems can also increase safety in your work area.

Create the right design

After identifying potential needs and problems, it is now time to create your design. Of course, when designing, you need to be cautious. This is essential to ensure that you will all have the features you need which can match your budget. In addition, it is also important to determine your space. This is another important factor when designing to ensure that you are creating a design that will allow you to make you building space more comfortable and appealing. Knowing these aspects will help you create the right designs you are looking for.

Establish safety schemes

When making building creative concepts, individuals need to make sure that they can establish safety schemes. Of course, accidents may occur unexpectedly. It gets even worse if these accidents will harm your employees. So, make sure that you create safety schemes on your designs. With these schemes, you can reduce risks and prevent overhead expenses which can help improve your finances and profits.

Hire professionals

Lastly, in case that you do not have any ideas or skills in making building creative concepts, it is also best to hire professionals. Luckily, there are numerous professionals who can help you create wonderful building concepts. These experts can even step into another level by providing you with other services that can complement your needs. Plus, they can also help you ensure that their designs can complement your needs properly.

Considering these simple tips, can help individuals make sure that they can create amazing concepts for their buildings properly and easily.

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Build a Career in Real Estate With the Certificate of Registration

Are you planning to become a realtor? Do you need any assistance which will give you a kick-start in this field? Read on to know more about building your own career in real estate.

As we all know real estate is one of the flourishing fields in recent years and we also hear success stories every now and then. Owing to such importance in the market, real estate has also become one of the most sought after business segments for many. Especially for young stars who dream to become an entrepreneur, this is the field that gives handsome number of opportunities to grow and diversify. However, there are many who wish to pursue a career in this field but do not dare to take it because of multiple legal and ethical requirements linked to it. This makes it difficult for a starter to understand all these issues alone without any proper guidance. It is here the real estate certificate of registration comes to help.

Getting into this process makes you an authorized realtor with all necessary competencies that you require to shine in the field of real estate. This certificate of registration would pave a smooth path to you and your career by eliminating or guiding you through certain complex issues in the business. Being offered by many institutions in both online and offline modes, it’s very easy for the new incumbents like you to take up a course as and when you want. The course work is offered by numerous institutions across many parts of the world. You just got to get in touch with a reliable consultant and get details and enroll for one which flourishes your career as a realtor. Any person who is an adult can enroll for this course and can earn his certificate of registration. However, to earn this, you need to complete all courses as per course work.

Once you finish the entire course work, you will be issued with your Certificate. No provisional certificates will be issued in the interim period. Various institutes offer the courses in different modes; few take online regular classes while the others supplement the regular classes with once in a while sessions coupled with printed materials. You can take any type of session which is comfortable for you and get aligned with your time. Irrespective of the mode you choose, the session’s end by taking the examinations after classes to get your certificate. The period of the course is also minimal and is very easy. If you have minimum idea on the ethical grounds, you just got to learn legal compliance in a couple of days or in a week and you can comfortably give your examinations. Once done with the examinations you have to wait for your certificate which will be issued as per the discretion of your institution.

More About Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

There is no hard and fast regulation for important comfort. What seems contented to you can be fascination for others and vice versa. Many citizens are resolute for contented vacations. Some people are passionate to wear contented trinkets. Many citizens are gripped with a want to own Lajolla luxury real estate. Genuine land manufacturing is ever wealthy commerce in the world, since the population is growing with every solitary following; same do the principles of properties. It is quite solid to set up the typical to continuation because of value rises. Citizens really suppose that there will come a time very soon when citizens will not be competent to own one bed-room apartment house construction.

One of the well-heeled communities in the nation, the LaJolla luxury real estate area offers a blend of complex charm with the untroubled move toward of Southern California. La Jolla real land is positioned only 15 minutes from business district San Diego, and possesses gorgeous landscape, luxurious lodging, and abundant amusing opportunity. Home to the nation’s wealthiest and most imposing persons, La Jolla real estate presents the kind of luxuriousness that most of us uncommonly encountered.

There is one more side which can’t be completely called darker one, because it is part of commerce and many people’s attraction. It is the possession of due comfortable belongings. There are many places which do not help people with many armed forces yet have important prices. Beverly Hills Luxury real estate or Laguna Beach luxury real estate is essentially comfortable from the rest top of view. If you determine any house or residence which is near to any coastal area or more accurately near to any beach or a well-known spot, completely the cost will be superior to your scene
We come slantwise many lavishness apartments and houses which cannot be allowable by any standard human being, only the richest can buy them. There are a lot of seating and cities which are famous because of the lavishness real estates. The prices are extremely high as difference to other neighboring cities. As affirmed earlier, this price difference is since of the place. Here are some most comfortable names for the cities those own most restricted and well-appointed real estates and belongings in USA. Beverly Hills luxury Real Estate is the classiest city to own the possessions in.

Laguna Beach luxury real estate options are incorporated of home properties positioned within the stunning district which are respected at $1 million and over. Home property within the district that fall under the luxuriousness class easily become a first choose amongst the lots of rich folks from all around the planet who choose to live surrounded by one of the most amiable beach targets in the nation today.
sideways from the in order that many of today’s lavishness real estate choices have been identified to go down in charge due to the truth that all real estate belongings tend to become accustomed and regulate to market circumstances, it has been recognized time and time that comfort real estate choices are completely amongst the most outstanding home property found within the district which resources that every currency exhausted on the obtain will prove to have been well-spent.

The Best Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate For Sale

Today, Costa Rica luxury real estate is up for grabs especially for those individuals who want to invest their money in real estate and properties. You no longer have to worry about the process since the government of Costa Rica made it easier for business-minded people like you. This will give you easy access in establishing your own enterprise through purchasing excellent properties and real estate.

Due to the recent development of the country’s condition in terms of its outgrowing number of investors, this even reached to a point of causing a lot of businessmen to invest on Costa Rica luxury real estate. All of this continuous growth was possible because of the three factors which are: location and stability, proximity to other well-built countries like the United States and political stability. Since this is the situation, many real estate investors are looking forward to invest their money in Costa Rica. Hence, this time you will probably notice that there is much luxury real estate available for your selection.

One of Costa Rica luxury real estate for sale is The Palm House, a type of modern tropical villa architecture near Tamarindo, a private community within forested areas. It secures your own privacy with large rooms, exotic hardwood-made furniture and large windows to look at the beautiful ocean and valley views of the surrounding area. They also have a hand-made thatched roof with its exterior living room as well as the dining room that will give you a relaxation.

Hacienda Cielo Azul, one of Costa Rica luxury properties that will surely struck you for its stunning appeal. It is generally surrounded with lined bougainvilleas and other colorful flowers and a large variety of fruit trees. Its one of a kind doors are all made with solid woods and antique-looking bricks all matched up with authenticity. This property features an Italian Renaissance design to complement with its structure.

One Costa Rica luxury properties that you will definitely like is The Queen Estate, two European villas with panoramic views over the Central Valley. This villa is known for its elegance and amazing craftsmanship that set off with their magnificent valley and city landscape. It has a French provincial luxury style that offers you a total privacy and seclusion

And the last but definitely not the least in our list of Costa Rica luxury real estate is the Tamarindo Villa, a one acre estate in the middle of beautiful beaches that will certainly bring you closer to the Mother Nature. This wonderful property is only located in Costa Rica’s number one beach town with a lot of magnificent villas for sale. The open design and generous sunlit living room with matching brick ceilings and elegant faux finished walls will complete an ambiance of extraordinary refreshments.

These are some of the best Costa Rica real estate for sale that will help you in deciding what kind of business or property you should invest in. Seek for worthwhile investments like real estates in Costa Rica and expect a healthy return on your investment in the future.

South Florida Luxury Real Estate – A Hot Bed For Living And Investing

There has been a recent boom in the South Florida real estate market. Prices for real estate in South Florida are at a point where both local and foreign investors are making away with beautiful luxury properties at a bargain. It is a result of low prices and the increased strength of foreign currency over the U.S. dollar. Most builders are trying to woo investors with interesting features and incentives to get them to buy. Here, we describe some of the best real estate markets in South Florida that can be termed as hot beds for living and investing.

Beyond the radiant sun, surf and sand lies a city with a rich history of being an entertainment and a cultural destination. Miami Beach is a coastal city in Florida that needs no introduction. Opulence defines the very essence of the properties located in South Florida and Miami Beach. It offers a varied range of homes, be it palatial houses or condominiums. Miami is a popular real estate market when it comes to luxury homes and condos. Condominiums are a number of residential homes located inside a building or a group of buildings. Apart from condos you also have the option of going for open houses and duplexes as well.

The sunny skies, pristine clear beaches, diverse culture and excellent employment opportunities make Miami Homes irresistible. Being a popular tourist destination also adds to its charm. This is the reason why Miami homes are selling like hot cakes in the luxury real estate market and why they are currently a secure investment for the future. In the Miami home segment you will also see some of the most luxurious condos located in the Brickell district.

Pure indulgence in style and opulence defines the very essence of Miami luxury condos. The lavish ocean front condos and the ones on South Beach tell the tale of Miami’s exotic glamour. Miami luxury condos are the ultimate in lavishness. Ocean front luxury condos like Apogee, Continuum South Beach Tower, Icon South Beach, The Setai, II Villagio Miami Beach, Murano Grande, Murano at Portofina, Ritz-Carlton South Beach, and many others offer a panoramic view of the sea and provide a perfect backdrop for a lifestyle draped in luxury.

If you love magnificence and the best that luxury has to offer, then Florida Real Estateis right for you. The existence of spectacular mansions can bypass any standard in comfort and luxury. Florida has beautiful warm weather, lovely sandy beaches, great nightlife, and some of the most fantastic tourist destinations like SeaWorld, Cypress Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, Universal Studios and more.

The Southwest Florida way of life is quite different from those experienced in other parts of the country. Southwest Florida Homes are famous for their design and outdoor living style. Custom made house are offered by builders which are developed with a keen sense of what the home buyer requires. They offer all of the outdoor living amenities ranging from cozy to elaborate. Each builder comes up with his/her own distinctive approach in both the exterior and indoor floor designs. Apart from that the services of a design consultant give you many option for turning your outdoor are into functional spaces with everything including pools, spas, patios and decks. Perfectly manicured grounds make for a beautiful sight along with the oak and palm trees. Apart from the coastal area, there are some very good real estate bargains to be found inland in places like Tampa, Orlando and Kissimmee that make up Central Florida.

In all, if you are looking for a new home, whether for a change of pace, career move, retirement, or any other reason, Florida is a great place to consider. You can enjoy the warm weather and related outdoor activities, relax on the beach, and ride a Jet Ski, cruise in a convertible, ride bike, fish, canoe and so much more. Wear your sunscreen, be safe, and have fun! Many of Florida’s benefits can be found outdoors and are lifestyle related. So be ready to make the most of everything Florida has to offer, and you will be thrilled that you chose to relocate to Florida.

Luxury Real Estate Properties In Mexico The Best Investment

Are you on the verge of retirement and planning to settle down life? Or are you planning to invest in land that can give your comfort and peace of mind? Then the right location on this globe is Mexico. The luxury real estate in Mexico is most sought after place by the potential buyers who are based locally and from abroad. You can consult regarding land for sale in Mexico with real estate promoters and agents. The people choose these particular locations because of its picturesque spots and pleasant weather conditions of Mexico. Riviera maya real estate is popular among the potential customers due to its large space and luxurious look. Playa del carmen real estate has fenced areas which can be easily converted into large farm or farm house. The cancun real estate is specially known for its well protected and marked land that can be easily converted into luxury real estate. Those who prefer ocean front homes in Mexico can particularly request their land sales agents to look for them ocean front real estate locations. The coastline of Mexico gives you all the comfort and pleasure of having the right kind of ocean front real estates. In the present scenario of investment properties in Mexico is gaining momentum mainly because of international customer’s interest in investment here.

Do check out the investment properties in Mexico fair conducted in the nation’s capital and other important cities of the world. Local real estate agents and international real estate promoters offer a lot of land for sale details in such fairs. You can gather plenty of investment opportunities in Mexico from such fairs. You can also visit the exclusive websites of this luxury real estate in Mexico to gather the necessary information regarding the plots, price and other facilities etc. you can check out the details regarding Riviera maya real estate and Playa del carmen real estate with real estate agents who deals with land for sale in Mexico. Do personally visit cancun real estate to know the comfort you can get from this piece of large land. The vast coastline of Mexico is preferred by the investors for having ocean front homes in Mexico. Once you invest in Mexico, you can have peace of mind and comfort in taking right decision because of the prevailing socio-economic condition is much favorable to all. You can easily blend yourself with the culture and lifestyle of this land. You will never feel alien in this land.

Do check out the phone number and email id of the real estate agents and land promoters who exclusively deal with land for sale in Mexico. You can personally visit them and consult regarding investment properties in Mexico. If possible to spot visit of luxury real estate in Mexico to have a personal experience regarding the land and location before making any kind of deals. Most of the land deals are done with perfect documentation so that the buyer and sellers have good understanding regarding the deal.